Seeing, Seizing Opportunities

Seeing What's Out There

Seeing What's Out There

The day our financial planner said would come came.

My friend sold me her unused Bestecke SBS Solingen gold-plated flatware for 15,000 Pesos.  She said she needed the money to pay off some debts and fast.  I do not know the value of what was before me, but instinctively, I knew it was an opportunity.  I took out my checkbook and wrote her a check.

It was weeks before I googled the thing.  Turned out it was worth 1,350 to 1,600 in British Pounds, retail.  Pounds!

It was not always this way. I was afraid and it was that fear which closed my eyes and deadened my hearing to opportunities. It was either “too hard”, or “too much trouble”, or “I cannot afford it”. Two months into our financial training, we were told about the magic of opportunities and that they are everywhere, and that we must be ready when it knocks.  It may be in the form of a 1997 BMW 8-Series being sold for 200,000 when market is at 400,000, or a townhouse on foreclosure for 800,000 when market is at 2 Million, or an LV bag at 10,000 when the second hand market would buy it at 30,000.  But money is key, liquidity is key, openness to opportunities is key.

So we started, cautiously, to take note of and seize opportunities: a dinner for some presidential candidate where I met a business partner, a scholarship application for a financial training course, a contest to win free tickets to an award-winning Spelling Bee show for the launching of Spotlight Manila by the simple expedient of blogging.  And I just happened to stumble upon that opportunity on a friend’s Facebook profile.

The universe greets the fearless, those who take action over inaction, with open arms and catapults them to zeniths that were previously unscaled.  Sometimes, the reward is in gold.

With A Golden Spoon In Your Mouth

Golden Spoons In Your Mouth

Indeed, opportunities abound.  But they gravitate to those who are most open to it.  And those who are most open to it are those with money, or those with an open mind, who are not afraid to take that leap and cast their nets wide.

Cast your nets wide.  Open your eyes.  Take big leaps.

Be rich,


Text by Issa. Art and photo by D. Copyright 2009.
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