1. Juana B. Wais says:

    WOW! I love this.

    So at least 20% you can save (10% savings + 10% emergency). Then another 10% for charity. Can charity be your family? Hehehe. and ohhh lala I like the 10% education fund ah. Books! Books! Seminars! and of course the bonus 10% Fun account. Wait the fun account has to be “saved” or can it be spent agad?

    Am I just repeating what you wrote? Hahaha!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, Juana, isn’t it exciting? Family, I think, can be your “charity” – charity does begin at home, di ba? For the fun account, maybe the spending could be done at the end of the month. At least it will test, and improve, your EQ. Happy saving!

  3. Jones says:

    You truly have an exciting site. I love the look and “energy” of your site!

    In one of the wealth seminars I attended, the speaker talked about Money Jars, which is exactly what you discussed. In his strategy, he allocates a certain percentage of your income to what he calls “LTSS Jar”, I forgot its equivalent term but its essentially for big ticket items that you save up for the long term, like travel, vacation, buying a car, renovation, etc. !

    Will visit again soon!

  4. Anthony says:


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  5. admin says:

    @ Jones, thanks for visiting! Yes, I think that was what our financial planner wanted us to do, save for one year for big ticket items, which we were able to do for the first year of our financial planning. We spent it on C’s birthday party and she had so much fun. Personally, I like the per month FUN savings, not sure if I could last the year again. Haha. Hope to see you soon! 🙂

    @ Anthony, I am flattered. Thank you very much. It will be my pleasure.

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