The Secret: Thank You

Climbing Up To the Skies

Climbing Up To the Skies

During my birthday last year, D gave me The Secret Gratitude Book.  It was beautiful, in aged brown, with scribblings dry-embossed on the front.  I ran my hand over the cover and read “Dank Je”… “Gracias”… and said to myself, thank you, these all means thank you.  I was intrigued.  Is The Secret thank you? Rhonda Byrnes in her introduction explained that yes, The Secret is gratitude, that the mere utterance of “thank you” would lead to unimaginable blessings.  I was surprised.

Thank you are the simplest of words, taken for granted, mostly un-uttered because it is unnecessary sometimes because people feel entitled to the deed, or the giver, almost always, has already walked away and it is only the wind that will catch the last strains of the words…  Personally, I would wait for its utterance, and I would expel bated breath when I hear it.  I did not know that, like me, the universe also expels bated breath when it hears it, except that the bated breath has with it the makings of a miracle.  Truly, there is something about expressing gratitude that finds favor with the air around all of us.

I wrote in this Gratitude Book things that I have claimed to be mine – where I want to go, what I want to be, what I want my children to be, and – pushing the envelope a bit further – what I want my husband to be (D, do not laugh, it is working).  My dreams are there – the businesses I have, the names of my partners, how my house looks like, how many rooms it has, how much we make in a year, how we give it away and see it come back a thousand-fold.  I would read it night after night after night.  Every sentence or phrase would merit the utterance of “thank you” at the end.  I would then flip the pages and read three random verses.  For this beautiful night, these words greeted me:

I am creating new thoughts, better thoughts, greater thoughts, and superior thoughts.  Today and everyday.  Thank you.

Thank you for the love that I feel radiate from me when I focus intensely on the feelings in my heart.

I am truly grateful to know that simply by using my imagination, I can bring what I am imagining to me.

According to The Secret, when you give thanks, the universe jumps up in joy at having done what is right and it could not wait to give you more people and more things to be thankful for.  It is true – what you give out, you will get back in return multiplied by the echoes of eternity.

Try this simple incantation – it promises good health, a good life, the greatest of gifts.  As The Secret said, a simple daily, frequent dose of “thank you!” will turn your frequency to one of the most positive forces that would propel you to “a life beyond your wildest dreams”.

Be rich,


Article by Issa.  Art by D. Copyright 2009.
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