How To Get To Your Dreams (Second of Two Parts)

Like Minds

Like Minds

I have a secret.

But before me, it belonged to Bo Sanchez (and maybe before him from some really wise man).

I could still remember the time when I first heard him speak of it.  I was cruising in my car and listening to one of his boxed audio seminars.  It was the first CD I received from him as a member of his Truly Rich Club.  I honestly did not think much about that CD – I plugged it and listened.  But there’s something about a two-hour traffic and listening to Bo’s charismatic voice that gets the heart pumping and the mind dreaming dreams.

He was telling a story, of what he did a long time ago, when he was just learning about riches and dreams.  He wrote about them. And when he wrote those dreams, he considered them as not just dreams.  He regarded them as if they were already realities.  He confessed, though, that when he was writing them – being a best selling author, being a wonderful husband, having a nipa hut (middle) with a fishpond (front) and a coconut tree (back) – he was laughing (could not help it).

I laughed too. (i thought i saw the other drivers look at me silly)

Yes.  Bo thought that it was incredulous, his many-paged manifesto.  But then the voice turned serious when he was telling me the story of when he walked to his Anawim, his home for the abandoned elderly, and saw before his eyes: his nipa hut (middle) and his fishpond (front) and his coconut tree (back).

He wrote it.

And everything he wrote was coming true in the most wonderful ways possible.

Could I….?

And then I also began to dream dreams.

But dreaming can take a while and starting on those dreams, it takes something else (like time, maybe, and a clear mind, maybe, and power from some source, maybe).  So I put off writing those realities because I was daunted – do I dare?

I dared.

Hubby gave me a diary, The Secret Diary, and it bore witness to my turning sage, seer, prophet (to myself and the lives of others – yes, D, yes) – to the laughter that lit my eyes at the funny-crazy-seemingly-improbable things that I wrote (it is a not-so-serious exercise), to the furrowing of my brow (it is a serious exercise), to the hope (desire, longing, rapture) that flowered in my breast.

Another thing: I wrote Japanese style (back to front). I thought I heard someone say it is the more natural way, and there was an urge to write this way that night (I have learned to listen to urges).

And I have learned that you can call forth miracles.

Here are some ways to get you started on that dreaming (er, realizing):

  1. Show up.  (Liz Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love has a powerful video on showing up, it is 19 minutes, you can forward to 14:56 if you want)
  2. Be exact.
  3. Read it before you sleep and after you wake up (this is very important).
  4. Believe.
  5. Act.

Ramit of IWillTeachYouToBeRich put “Act” on my radar very recently:

Have you noticed how lots of people always want more and more information, but rarely implement what they already have? A couple years ago, I started realizing how lots of personal-finance readers were constantly asking for more and more information — more blog posts, more book reviews, more financial magazines — but would often just READ, not take action.

To put it bluntly, I have lots of friends who read blog post after blog post, but have STILL not automated their money, started investing, or even put together an aggressive plan to pay off debt.

I’ve done the same with fitness books and SAT books, so I know that the solution isn’t “more,” but actually using what you have.

And it takes acknowledging that there are profound barriers between reading and DOING.

I found myself nodding (Ramit, good point, there).

Doing.  And breaking profound barriers. More on that next time.

Be rich,


Article by Issa. Art by D. Copyright 2009.
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  3. Monique Bagaporo says:

    Thanks for that latter part. I confess… I’m one of those kind of people. Looking for more and more information, I bought plenty of “selp-help” books, Bo’s are some of them even.. and being a bookworm, I devoured them from Page i to the index haha but then I find myself not doing anything, or perhaps starting.. well just starting haha. So it’s like hitting me with an anvil on the head when I read your post here. Haha I will change that this 2012. Thanks again <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, reading and reading and not doing – it is a bad habit to crack, Monique. Because we always think we might found some ways that are easier, or better. Well, we could be right. But what knowledge we have right now is enough power to lead us to, well, a life well-lived. And that is my wish for you. Good luck, friend.

  5. Oocamilc says:

    my january2012 goal is to earn 15000pesos and i have already earned 2000pesos of that amount.just by selling used sacks.short pa ako ng 13k.hope ma reach ko goal ko by this month lng.

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