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It was a fine afternoon and Nannette and I got to talking.

I just passed the insurance examination given by the Insurance Commission and can now be ushered into the world of insurance agents and hustling and bustling.  That made me uncomfortable and I told Nannette so.

Okay, I still had the image of the feisty, persistent, pesky seller of insurance who does not really explain or understand what he sells, does not hear the word “no”, does not stick around through the bad times (when the hapless insured can no longer pay the premiums), is just “interested” because of the commission he hopes to get.

I did not want to be that person.

Nannette, the insurance expert extraordinaire that she is, said that she is also tired of the insurance scene of high-powered-persistence and insistence.  And that all she wants is to help people – listen to them, educate them, help them get closer to their money goals.

And so MoneyDoctors was born.

Together with our husbands and power-couple Salve and Dan Duplito, we made a pact to advocate financial freedom.

While insurance is still a product of MoneyDoctors (because it is a good way to preserve wealth), our main mission is to teach people how to make money, first through the several investment vehicles (mutual funds, bonds, stockmarket) and then the actual placement and monitoring of the investments, development of strategies and making recommendations.  MoneyDoctors or MDI is part-teacher, part-counselor, providing constant information and communication.

Some of our clients are already successful stockmarket players, some have partnered with and are already setting up businesses with other clients, others are just happy to always have a ready ear in us.

And with MDI’s expertise and network in advertising, publishing, media – MDI can actually help make things happen.

To schedule your appointment, or to schedule a seminar for your team or group, you can call 02-2157651.

Article by Issa. Poster by Danvic Briones. Copyright 2011.
Email: [email protected]

P.S.  MoneyDoctors, Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  We are also happy to announce that the MoneyDoctors blog is now live.  You can visit it here.

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