Money Summit 2011: If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance

A New Day

A New Day

Yes, please sign me up!

Seminars.  Opportunities to learn new things, new ways of thinking, new (and hopefully more effective) ways of making money, new trends, meet interesting and like minded people… how could anyone pass that up?   I could not.

And I am still touched by the ripples (a.k.a. benefits, gains, blessings) that simple “Yeses!” to seminars were able to earn for me: the MavenSecrets blogging seminar which gave me this blog, the Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Seminar from long ago that so inspired me but failed to make me a scriptwriter (which friend said can’t have it all?), the Truly Rich Club seminar and materials (mostly CDs I still listen to in my car) from Bo Sanchez that I still remember to this day (that jumpstarted the personal-finance-me – who would ever think?), the financial planning experiment that gave me my financial-planners-partners in MoneyDoctors, Bob Proctor’s Six-Minutes to Success and Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham’s League of Extraordinary Minds that are still giving me new insights into the human psyche and the Registered Financial Planning seminar I am currently attending which hopefully will make me financial planner extraordinaire (hopefully).

And then there were the expensive ones I could not say yes – yet – to: Lillian Too’s Practical Feng Shui – okay I am into that too – which cost $697 for 6 months (early bird), Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1K which costs $2k, and the newly launched Rich, Happy and Hot B-School of Marie and Laura (I know, I know – what a title), about $1,999.

Mentors Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Ferris and Bo Sanchez heavily recommend seminars.  Every one of them said they always (always) earn ten times (or more) what they paid.   Actually, it was when I heard that that I opened my mind (and wallet) to the world of seminars and lectures and knowledge (I know that I do not know).  But there is a caveat – seminars are only as good as the attention you give it and the flesh (through application and practice) that you give to what you were able to take away.

Here is a chance.  One such valuable seminar is coming your way this July.

It is aptly called the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2011, and it promises to earn you massive, passive income (that is money working for you 24-7).

At the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2011, you will have a fundamental understanding of each money-making-topic that will serve as your catalyst for action and further learning. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Invest in the stock market using fundamental and technical analysis.
  2. Invest in bonds and pooled funds such as mutual funds and unit investment trust funds.
  3. Buy gold, silver, and other precious metals.
  4. Trade in the forex market.
  5. Buy and sell real estate properties.
  6. Make money from foreclosures and rehabs.
  7. Buy and manage rental properties.
  8. Build and sell houses, townhouses, and apartments.
  9. Make money online.
  10. Earn from blogging and affiliate marketing.
  11. Sell on eBay and other e-commerce sites.
  12. Create information products and membership sites.
  13. Earn from royalties, licensing, and subscription fees from your intellectual property.
  14. Make money in network marketing.
  15. Franchise your business and earn franchise fees and royalties.

What’s not to like?

The Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2011 will be held in Manila from July 22-23, 2011, 8:30am to 5:30pm, at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.  There will also be one in Cebu from August 12-13, 2011, 8:30am to 5:30pm at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. Speakers include Tomasito Academia of PAREB, Jay Aldeguer of Island Souvenirs, Noli Alleje of The Property Forum, Jojy Azurin of, Conrado Bate of CitisecOnline, Ian del Carmen of Fireball, Eireen Diokno-Bernardo of Dekada Arts, Bonner Dytoc of Absolute Traders, Vince Golangco of, Prof. James Ryan Jonas of PinoyMoneyTalk, Cynthia Palad-Yap of Real Estate Movers, Ardy Roberto of Salt & Light Ventures, Jerome San of Laurus Enterprises, Mark So of Forex Club Asia and Trace Trajano of Think Rich Quick.

I will tell you more about the Money Summit in the days to come.  The fee, which is for the 2-day seminar and includes snacks, materials and some free items from sponsors, is P7,995 – but you get discounts through this site – especially for groups.

A small investment in exchange for what could be, for you, the dawn of a new day (please see picture above).

You can say, “Sign me up!”, click the “Register Now!” button below, and embrace enlightenment, awareness, knowledge.  Or you can try the other less appealing prospect.

Totally, totally up to you.

(good luck)

Money Summit & Wealth Expo (valued at P7,995)

Disclosure: If you register through the link provided above, please know that I will be earning 20% of the proceeds.  I have decided to donate 100% of my net profits equally among the Sun and Moon Home for Children, Green Peace and the foundation I am setting up for my mom and dad which will send underprivileged highschool graduates to college (we will be enrolling our first scholar this coming school year).  By signing up with You Want to Be Rich, you are helping abandoned children, mother earth, and those who have less in life have a chance.  In advance, please accept my thanks.

Article by Issa. Photo by Madelene Briones Uyehara. Copyright 2011.
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Jonha Revesencio says:

    Yay for having @DISQUS on your blog, it definitely makes commenting way easier 😉 What’s the good thing about it is you could “ping”/tag someone and they will be informed through Twitter that they were mentioned in this blog. What a fun way to call someone’s attention, huh?

    I totally wanna attend this seminar in Cebu as I know Bonner of AT will be sharing a lot of good tips. Met these guys in one of Absolute Traders’ event last year and they’re very helpful folks. 🙂

  2. Issa says:

    I have you to thank for the @DISQUS suggestion, @jonharules – thanks!!!. I panicked at first when I did not see the old comments but then I just had to integrate and voila – easy as pie.

    Re: money summit, you should go. I will be attending the Manila summit but would love to attend the Cebu one too – so I can meet you, among other things (my family loves Cebu and we were there twice in 2009).

    So, see you! 😀

  3. Manila School says:

    Most college schools nowadays required their students to go to seminars concerning their courses. Some work place even want an applicant who’s been to many seminars because they know think that these people are driven.

  4. Issa says:

    I think that is great. Because school, really, is not the sum total of a person’s abilities. A person’s willingness to be “enhanced” through seminars means he is a go-getter, and improving his company (achieving projections, performing beyond expectations) could not be far from his thoughts.

  5. Yadgyu says:

    I took the Earn1K course and it works. But instead of paying $1,000 for it, I used a script to negotiate the price down. Ramit was overwhelmed by my negotiating skills and actually paid me $1,000 to help him improve his course. Now I am giving away all of the material for free! Click the link in my name for your FREE course!

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