How to Develop a Product (Yes You Can)

No Day Like Today

No Day Like Today

You start with a problem, or an inconvenience.

It could be the weather, or something you are used to but (by gosh) is really painful (like high heels), or something that you cannot control (like your weight, or the bulging of your tummy).

That’s right.  Start with you.

Then you search for an available solution online (information literally is at the tip of your fingers).

But there is none.

There’s your opening.  You have a need for a product.  And chances are, there are a lot of people like you searching for the exact same thing, or if they don’t know it yet, they will recognize their need once you get your product out into the market.

But let’s not get that far ahead.

You still have a problem.  And no solution.

This is where you sit down and think and converse with yourself.  Granted, dashes of brilliance or genius or inspiration are necessary, but sometimes the creative spark just needs to be ignited.

And pursued, and followed.

That’s right.  You have to take the next steps.

Are there available products that do not quite solve the actual problem?  What if you combine them?  Is this possible?

But what if you make your own product?  Is there someone who can help make it for you if you explain it real clear and real nice?

This was the path taken by my husband who innovated an emergency preparedness vest bag.  He knew of life vests, he knew of compartments, but not a combination of both, and never for emergency preparedness.

His journey took 2 years and several artisans (he can design, being an artist himself, but he does not know the first thing about sewing a bag or a vest, or sewing!).  A lot of them said it is not possible (too  expensive, too time consuming, not interested, not interesting, will not work, can’t do it) but he believed in his idea and did not give up until he saw it come to life.

And I believed in him.

In June of this year, we launched a product we called the Rescue72 Vest Bag, which, hopefully, will be instrumental in getting emergency preparedness into the consciousness of many.

We know it does not end there.  We have to manufacture, conduct more advertising and promotional campaigns to raise product awareness, find partners who can echo our advocacy, ship, find solutions to other problems, innovate some more, make this world a better place.  The fun stuff.

Please watch this video and this video on the Rescue72 Vest Bag and find out what it can do for you and your family. You can find more information, too, at our website,

And may you have a great time creating (and developing) a product too.

Article and Video by Issa. Art by Danvic. Copyright 2009-2011.
Email: [email protected]

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