Where is Conrado de Quiros?



Conrado de Quiros. Lost to the world but not forgotten. His was a mystery I wanted to solve.

De Quiros fell into a coma and has not woken up. No one knows if he will speak again in his voice, or if he will even remember or comprehend the visions he has painted with words, or love with passion – still – the country he has shaped with his pen.

He has, after all, put a president into power (which resulted in impotent uprisings against the writer).

I started to write because of him. With (and in) his writings, I found my voice – the first feigned interest (an opinion writer can write with an evocative, almost lyrical quality? really?), then the piqued longing to put thoughts into paper, test a storyline, hear it ring true. Like his. Although we were distant and unaligned, his writings always comforted me like an old friend. I – in my then-14-or-something years –somehow understood.

He inspired me without meaning to (or maybe meaning to). I found in his writing that putting words to paper could be solace, satisfaction, death, deliverance. That thoughts could brim until they overflow, speak a truth, be uncut, uncouth, yet strangely liberate.

I do not want him to be forgotten.

I will not forget.

We are grains of sand, soon to wither, weather, washed away by the sea/ocean/torrents of rain, tossed, forgotten, a fleck/dust/speck, imbued with meaning, meaning nothing, meaning everything, until we are hurled/guided/led – again – to shore.

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  1. Sahara Rivera says:

    How is he? I’ve been waiting to read his columns again. Praying for his good health.

  2. potpot says:

    I agree. CDQ is a modern Filipino hero. he inspired millions of us to think and do the right thing for this country, in our own little ways. I miss his writings already.

  3. Ana says:

    Hey, you guys are not the only ones missing Conrado De Quiros. I thought at first that he was taken out by Inquirer. Come on all those bashers in his column. Then I found out through the Inquirer that he is sick. How is he now?

    Now, I wish I had a photo taken of him, once when I saw him at a hotel.

  4. WinSetupFromUSB says:

    We would like to correct the previous information included in the essay. According to one commenter named fezam, Conrado De Quiros is not anymore in a state of coma . He can talk, but cannot write yet. He is currently undergoing treatment.

  5. Len Hummel says:

    Along with Max Soliven and Benigno Aquino (now long gone) he was my favorite editorial mind in this strange and difficult nation. a true nationalist and socialist to the core.
    Hope he is recovering fully.

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