The visible and the invisible

The Wall

The Wall

Under the Pacific Ocean, hidden by miles of depth and darkness that swells, there is a wall. It meanders through the breadth of two opposing poles, straddling a line that alternates between the visible and the invisible worlds.

I found it once upon a time.

Someone did too.

Look at this video.

This video was sent to me months ago by a friend who read my book. It appears to have been made more than a year after I have written As Above So Below, Veil Over Atlantis.

I do not know who found the wall first. What made us look? And why?

It does not matter, perhaps.

But when two ideas intersect at a point so near in time, we cannot help but think about the repository of all knowledge, of all the code and information, mystical or otherwise that surround us.

The Akashic records.

Some say it is there, within our reach, within the grasp of our imagination. It houses the most ancient tales, the truth that is shrouded in mystery and lost by time. Some say it is the storehouse of everything that has happened, of everything that will happen – and the in between – and we all draw inspiration through this unknown. Either unbeknownst or known to us.

Do we go to it through meditation? In our dreams when we sleep? Is it whispered in a language we had forgotten but then was somehow made known to us again by a momentary lifting of the veil?

No one can explain the origin of thought. The streams of thought. Is it the synapse through which the electricity in our brains bring about hallucinations, visions, revelations – that which has gained acceptability as genius?  Are our thoughts ‘fed’ by something at an opportune time? To move us forward? Is genius merely being able to tap into this ancient strain of knowledge/thought stream?

We have no connection, this video maker and I. Like the breadth of the wall, we come from opposite sides of the world. We speak different languages. We might have been looking, two amateur satellite archeologist, for two totally different reasons.

But I have found something that I am not sure he has.

The wall – you can go through it.

You can see inside.

And look. 

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