YouWantToBeRich.com is Issa’s personal finance website with forays into life – tackling the hard questions and the silly questions and those in between.

Issa is occupied with the idea of “financial freedom” and enjoys the journey to wherever or whatever that is. She catalogs her adventures and introspection along the way – opening doors and unlocking opportunities because of what she writes (a testament to the adage, ‘what you focus on expands’).  She is lawyer, writer, mother, singer, entrepreneur, broadcast media person, eternal student.  She exults the pen and the written word.

In real life, Issa is legal officer and human resources manager of a Canadian company. She was formerly an editor-in-chief of a Canadian newspaper but her favourite past role was being legal counsel for a leading broadcasting company.  She is also a Registered Financial Planner. Her husband, a constant persona in her writings, is the genius behind the emergency preparedness products of Rescue72.

Issa and her family recently immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You can email Issa through [email protected].

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