Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

I have changed my mind about money. Which is counter-intuitive. After all, this blog was founded on that whole idea.

I knew there is a formula for making money and I was determined on finding out that formula.

Somehow, it was the secret of life that I found.

It concerns it, but it is not money.

Sure, money helps, but there’s a more basic truth/secret that everyone should know.

Money – it is man-made. It is not natural. It never used to exist.

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No More 9-5 – Alternative Careers for Millennials

Which way to go?

Which way to go?

Guest post

In our world of unpaid internships and ever increasing property prices the number of millennials wanting more diversity, flexibility and most importantly satisfaction from work is growing. A work/life balance is becoming more of a priority, with many starting to reject the post-college prescribed life of the 9-5 commute. Young people are wanting to put more emphasis on quality of life than resign to the ‘one size fits all’ approach to building a successful career, the result a surge in so-called ‘alternative careers’.  Whether it’s flexible working hours or a sense of gratification, let’s look into the best alternative careers to get you dreaming of a life free from the mundane Monday mornings.

Go Freelance

In your current career, is there any way you could go freelance? Many industries (from set design to marketing to recruitment) not just accommodate but rely on freelancers, so if you’re looking for more control over your working hours then it may well be worth considering whether there’s any scope in your current profession for you to go freelance. Benefits vary from diversity of work to exposure to different people, with the gratification of being able to take ownership of your own career rather than working under someone else’s terms. For instance, if you’re a graduate of English or Journalism then you might want to consider freelance writing as a viable alternative career. Start by identifying your niche and putting together a portfolio. Take a look online to see if any established freelancers in your field offer any advice, or even free of charge courses to help you get started.

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Women Helping Women

In celebration of Belle De Jour’s 10th year, they are holding a summit entitled, BDJ Women’s Summit: Women Helping Women at Samsung Hall, SM Aura, on April 16, 2016.

It will be a day full of highly interactive and experiential learnings. In the summit, you will meet like-minded women who have the courage to talk about society’s issues—the good and the bad—that women encounter every day. You will also hear success stories, personal social causes, and inspiring initiatives on self-proficiency, anti-intellectualism, legacy-building, and meaningful social impact.

Here are the speakers. One of them is good, good friend Salve Duplito, ANC Host of On the Money. Hi Salve!


This summit will give you a glimpse of what you, as an individual, and we, as a community, can do to inspire and empower women to help themselves and others, connect with other women and turn ideas into action.

As we celebrate the Women’s Month, here’s a special treat to the empowered YOU – GET your pass for the BDJ’s Women’s Summit at 20% off – PHP 600 ONLY! (Regular Price of Php 750) Inclusions: *Get a FREE access to ALL PLENARY TALKS with distinguished speakers *Lunch and PM Snack *Women’s Summit ID *Women’s Summit Kit (Booklet, Pens, Bag) *Certificate of Participation *and additional freebies from our partners!

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW at this link. Hope you can make it to the summit!

Who’s going to the Rich Dad Academy?


Before we stepped out of the car, I told my friend they will sell us this and that at the Rich Dad Education Workshop.

After all, despite all the freebies and the come-hither, it is a marketing event that we are going to. I told her (self-assuredly) I do not easily say yes. That in fact, I have never been embarrassed to say no – and that if it is not worth it, I would say no. She assured me she is the same. I breathed easy since I made a full disclosure and that there is someone watching my back in case I totter and fall.

I tottered and fell (my friend did too).

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For the Book Lover In You

Keep the Mind...

Keep the Mind...

You love books.  And isn’t it just perfect that they are readily available anywhere now more than ever?

I myself was a voracious reader when I was a kid.  Moving from mom’s Mills & Boon to the thicker, more seductive books, all hand-me-downs from I don’t know where (or did mom buy…?).  I was hooked. But there was not enough books.  And buying more, well, was certainly not in the stars for the young me.  There were other priorities.  So I did not have a book budget then, like I try to have now, but I think it was okay because I would have been lost with so much to select from (i still find myself lost now – sometimes, books/authors do not meet expectations)

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Sharing With You Some (Seminar) Insider Info

All the Help You Need

All the Help You Need

I love seminars.  Don’t you?

And it’s not just because of the insider information that you get from it, but the people that you meet and re-meet who may just clinch the next deal for you.

Really, you don’t know what you’ll get in those – sometimes it is the education (which is the reason that you go anyway), other times it is the perks (like a password to the next big thing that will get you a discount, or will get you in for free), most times, it is meeting the network – that can be your network – people who can do your work for you (this is a wonderful bonus).

What do you do with what you get, though, is a different thing entirely.

Because the ability to see opportunity in information and in people is an art but I think it is an ability that can be cultivated.

What I want to do with what I got from the most recent one I attended, the MoneySummit, is to share them with you.  The speakers shared some valuable resources that can, maybe, hopefully help you if you have an online business (who doesn’t – and if you don’t, isn’t it about time you start thinking about owning a piece of that getting-to-be-scarce-and-crowded-and-valuable real estate?).

Here are some website-tools that can help take your business to the next level:

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So You Like to Sing



Many want to go this route – using the pipes to have a go at their wildest dreams.

And some have seen their wildest dream come true too, if the batting average of American Idol – or other singing contests – are anything to go by.

Before my memory goes to oblivion, let me share with you some tips from professional singers I had the great fortune to brush shoulders with:

1.  Practice.

And practice some more.  Like any other skill, practice makes perfect in singing.  And if you can afford it (or someone offers), hire a voice coach.  But know that not all voice coaches will do wonders for you.  Find one who will boost your ego and transform your voice to the most amazing instrument known on earth.  You will know this after a few days with teacher – if teacher makes you feel small, makes your voice squeak (like you don’t want to sing anymore), fire her.  She is not right for you.  Of course, there’s the truth too – you might not really have what it takes.  Careful balance and an open mind are needed.  And luck.  If this is what you were born to do, you will find the right voice teacher for you.

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Disaster Preparedness: Why You Have to Be Prepared

Two years ago, many people witnessed on television a family of 5 sitting on top of a floating roof.

A wave came, and only one family member remained.  But it was not a film or a teleserye everyone was watching, but real life, and Ondoy (Ketsana). It was then that everyone realized that during extreme weather conditions – which are happening more and more frequently (super typhoons, earthquakes – one that spawned the recent tsunami in Japan) – no one is safe.  Unless people are prepared.

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