Lilian To Scholar


That’s me! Thanks to the Lilian To Foundation, Ashton College and the Canadian Immigrant magazine. And of course to the friends who told me about it (thanks, Agnes and Angio! they were scholars too)

The Lilian To Scholarship was established in 2005 in honour of the late Lilian To, a longtime advocate for immigrants in British Columbia. Every year, eligible newcomers are offered the Lilian To Scholarship to cover the winners’ tuition at Ashton College.

Wonderful and exciting!

This is the first time I ever won a scholarship – maybe because I never joined one before. 🙂 Okay, I was iskolar ng bayan at the University of the Philippines (UP scholar, for lack of a better translation) and come to think of it – being put through college and law school by the Filipino people – that is really something too (thank you!!!).

For this scholarship, I have yet to decide between having a degree in immigration consultancy or finance or trade.

But whatever it is I choose – I am excited to study again.

Thank you again Lilian To Foundation, Ashton College and the  Canadian Immigrant Magazine for this great opportunity.

Congratulations to my co-awardees Amelia Agbayani, Liza Dela Rosa (both from the Philippines!) and Luis Mendoza Cenares (from Mexico)!


Win A Day of Pampering

Some Roads Lead to Bliss

As I promised in an earlier post, a reader of YouWanttoBeRich will win something during YTBR’s anniversary month.

That something is a day of pampering.

I confess.  Ever since I was old enough to get a manicure and a pedicure, or go to the spa, that would be one of the highlights of my day, week, month.  That it reinvigorates and makes a whole new you – those “promises” are true.  Well, okay, at least for me.  Even veteran actor Dolphy is said to get a massage everyday and that is one of the secrets of his longevity.

What’s not to love?  Even babies seek human touch and thrive because of it.  When I stroke hubby’s hair or rub his back, or give my daughter a foot spa (which I have not done in ages – sorry my baby), they keel over and let the sensations take over.

Answer these questions in the COMMENTS section of this page so you can win some pampering treats: What is your favorite article in YouWantToBeRich and why.

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A First Anniversary Celebration

Independence Day

Independence Day

Exactly one year ago today, You Want To Be Rich made its debut in the blogosphere.

Interestingly, June 12 is also independence day in the Philippines so I thought it would make for a great beginning – an independence day for people who wanted financial freedom.  And it was a great year.  Although it was a challenge to keep writing and internalizing and coming up with interesting insights and articles, I enjoyed every minute of it.

But let me confess something –the days leading to this first anniversary were not easy ones.  As a matter of fact, they were the most challenging of my life.

But let today be one of celebration because it is, in very many ways.  Please allow me to process what has happened this past week and I will share it with you in the coming days.

For this anniversary month, I am also launching a contest.  Please read the details here.

To all my readers and supporters, know that I am very grateful – one year after – to still have you with me on this journey.

Be rich,


Article by Issa.  Painting by D. Copyright 2010.
email: [email protected]

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