No More 9-5 – Alternative Careers for Millennials

Which way to go?

Which way to go?

Guest post

In our world of unpaid internships and ever increasing property prices the number of millennials wanting more diversity, flexibility and most importantly satisfaction from work is growing. A work/life balance is becoming more of a priority, with many starting to reject the post-college prescribed life of the 9-5 commute. Young people are wanting to put more emphasis on quality of life than resign to the ‘one size fits all’ approach to building a successful career, the result a surge in so-called ‘alternative careers’.  Whether it’s flexible working hours or a sense of gratification, let’s look into the best alternative careers to get you dreaming of a life free from the mundane Monday mornings.

Go Freelance

In your current career, is there any way you could go freelance? Many industries (from set design to marketing to recruitment) not just accommodate but rely on freelancers, so if you’re looking for more control over your working hours then it may well be worth considering whether there’s any scope in your current profession for you to go freelance. Benefits vary from diversity of work to exposure to different people, with the gratification of being able to take ownership of your own career rather than working under someone else’s terms. For instance, if you’re a graduate of English or Journalism then you might want to consider freelance writing as a viable alternative career. Start by identifying your niche and putting together a portfolio. Take a look online to see if any established freelancers in your field offer any advice, or even free of charge courses to help you get started.

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A year for turning finances into a family affair

All in it together

All in it together

It was a new year and with it comes a breath of fresh air, a new lease (leash) on life.

The sun is shining fiercely but it cannot dispel the cold. Still, it was beautiful, it was glorious, a time to start again, a time to start anew, aspire for better things, dream with eyes and hearts open.

Hope, exhausted with the passing of 365 days, is replenished. Indeed, the beginning of the year is the best time for man to gather up his strength, pick up his cross/the flowers/the pieces of his life, and start yet another amazing journey.

My husband and I – we are embarking on a journey of our own. This time, it will be to financial freedom. Transplanted to Canada by choice, we are ready to do this again, and this time, we will be taking our kids for the ride.

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For new immigrants: How to maintain a good credit score in Canada or elsewhere

Stopping the rain from falling

My friend does not understand.

If she wants a good credit standing in Canada, she must not shop around for good deals. But if she does not shop around for good deals, how can she be sure she will get the best value for her dollars? And why do the good deals need to look into her credit – which lowers her credit score – before they say she is good for them too?

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Who’s going to the Rich Dad Academy?


Before we stepped out of the car, I told my friend they will sell us this and that at the Rich Dad Education Workshop.

After all, despite all the freebies and the come-hither, it is a marketing event that we are going to. I told her (self-assuredly) I do not easily say yes. That in fact, I have never been embarrassed to say no – and that if it is not worth it, I would say no. She assured me she is the same. I breathed easy since I made a full disclosure and that there is someone watching my back in case I totter and fall.

I tottered and fell (my friend did too).

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Cutting Corners: Retailers Making Bottom-Line Resolutions


Post from Andrea Woroch.

Consumers tend to make straightforward New Year resolutions: Spend less, save more and pay down debt. This year, it appears retailers want to change just one thing…their bottom line. The tried-and-true methods aren’t working anymore as consumers learn to resist the urge to buy, so merchants are starting their own trends.

According to Bloomberg, consumer spending stalled in December, with a rise of just 0.1 percent, as Americans took advantage of last year’s slight jump in income to restore depleted savings. So what are retailers doing to change this trend? Here are a few examples.

1. JCPenney Ditches Sales
Shoppers have caught onto false savings, in which stores boost prices just before dropping them again for supposed sales. In an announcement last month, JCPenney basically admitted to this practice and said they were launching an everyday-low-prices campaign. For example, jeans that used to retail for $25 — but typically ended up selling for $15 — will just start off at $15.

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Lessons from a Portuguese Woman

The View

She was in coveralls, smudged by soot from head to toe.

She had been cleaning the fireplace of one of the apartment she owns.  She did not look the part at that time – but I was looking at one of the more financially savvy immigrant septuagenarian of Vancouver.  Her eyes had confidence as it held mine, and kindness too, perceptible and palpable, the trait of ladies who have aged gently.  I could tell life has been good to her, because maybe she has been good to it.

I was a prospective renter and I engaged her in conversation because her story – which I knew from people who knew her for some time – greatly interested me.  She owned several apartments but she arrived in Canada without money, or possessions.  I wondered how that could be, what’s her story, and can it be duplicated?

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Within the Wealth Circle

Clouds Almost Touching Clouds

In October 2011, Bo Sanchez launched another initiative aimed at helping those financially motivated to become wealthier, and he called it Wealth Circle.

Of course I could not resist being part of it.  Turned out, not everyone could get in because there was an application process that consisted of about a 10-page questionnaire (or something that seemed that long) that quizzed one’s financial health, motivation, problems, overall outlook in life.  It was a tedious process, one that made me re-assess my life, and reflect on it, making me laugh and cry a little (it was gut-wrenching and soul-satisfying).

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If You Use a Yahoo or AOL Email Address, Your Credit Score Probably Sucks

Loving Heights

Article Swap with Steve of

An interesting credit score data mining observation has emerged from our friends over at Credit Karma.

Apparently they took a look at the average credit scores of 20,000 people and placed those scores into bins based on the email address people use. They then calculated the average credit score.

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