Sharing, Swapping and Being Ecologically Responsible



I do not usually reprint what has been sent to me via press release, but when I saw the word “share” in this release from Andrea Woroch, I was suddenly reminded of the book Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

What fragile memories we have, author  Robert Fulghum intimated, that we only need to think of the basic, of what we used to do – being good and doing good – and the world would be a better place.

That advise still holds true and that is why this release appealed to me. The swapping and sharing websites featured in the article are just what we need in this materially-possessed world.

And I like the idea of being ecologically responsible.

I personally checked out the websites and was intrigued by BookMooch (book swapping), Home Exchange (travel) and Zwaggle (for baby stuff).  I have not actually shared or swapped, because I am located in Asia (which makes me wish for a similar service here – and why don’t I start one?).  But do let me know how it goes for you.

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Gearing Up for a Green School Year with Ecothings

The Ecothings Launch

The Ecothings Launch

Hubby and daughter are celebrities.

I mean their faces have graced several newspapers, including the Philippine Inquirer and the Philippine Star, courtesy of the Ecothings event, Make Your Own Notebook, which was held at the Rockwell Club last April 16 – yes, I kept copies :D. Hubby, with partners Judy Malabanan and Yvonne Castro, also appeared on several television shows promoting reducing, reusing and recycling.

I am so proud.

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The Launch: Eco Things – Creativity in Harmony with Nature

For a Greener World

From eco things.

Jump-start summer with a fun and unique event: eco things’ Make Your Own Notebook.

eco things specializes in eco-printed products, uses 100% recyclable materials, such as recycled paper, soy ink, and water-based glue, and strives to reduce its  carbon footprint in every stage of the production process.

Make Your Own Notebook, the eco things launch activity, will be on Saturday, April 16, 2011, at The Rockwell Club.  During the event, guests of all ages can create their very own eco-notebook from post-consumer recycled paper and recyclable materials.

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(Hopefully) Not Too Late Christmas Tips

You Can Make this a Special Christmas

At Christmas time, the mall is particularly stressful.

I mean the crowds are massive and stifling, the parking is horrible, the merchandise are disgustingly overpriced.

Christmas never used to be this way.  It used to be special.  The glittery, dreamy, new-clothes-new-shoes-lots-of-gifts-and-sparkles kiddy kind of special.

(Or is it because, then, I was not in charge (and not spending)?)

But I have grown up (as I must) and now it is my turn to make it special for my brood.

(And I wonder, was it stressful too for my mom and dad, or is it more stressful now because the world has become more fast-paced, more guilt-ridden, more material-focused?)

So ever since the countdown for Christmas began, I have been on the lookout for other alternative ways to give or buy gifts without breaking the bank or losing my sanity.  Here are some of my picks:

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When I Manned the Store

The Art of Selling

The first time I manned a store – I think I was 14 at that time (maybe) – I chased the customer away.

Yes, I had one customer.  Because my mom would not let me talk to any other customer after that.  I think.  (my recollection is a little hazy)

We were selling batik clothes and some imported goods in a dry good stall and I was being very enterprising, butting in the conversation, giving the one customer (a man, I think) this option and that.  He almost bought something but I think he got confused because I kept showing him stuff after stuff. (giggles)

He left without buying anything and I was kind-of blamed.  I never really tried to sell after that.

But last weekend, I had to.

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Greening of the Soul

Green Your Soul

Everyone feels it.

The earth is no longer young.  Its resources are no longer inexhaustible.  Temperatures are rising.  Entire species are disappearing.

Just yesterday, everyone cavorted in clean, sparkling water, drenched themselves in sunshine, fished an abundant ocean, breathed air that is fresh, harvested a generous, bountiful earth.

Something happened between the space of yesterday and today

Mother earth was taken for granted, and overtaken (over taken) by human greed.

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