It only takes a spark

One of the world's amazing wonders...

One of the world’s amazing wonders…

I just met with my Spark sisters and I am stoked.

As always, I learn a lot when I am with them, more so when I keep my mouth shut. From them come the most wonderful stories and learnings and I am just thankful to be in their presence.

Here are 5 things I learned from them today:

1.  Spouses need at least 15 hours per week with each other. 20 for couples who are in crisis.

No, your husband can’t be watching TV while you are on your computer. You have to be there, with him, talking to him – about his day, about his thoughts, about everything and nothing. It cannot be just a co-existence, there has to be a purposeful exchange of self, or a simple touching of minds. 

You can also apply this to your children. At least have a date with each one (if you have more than one like I do) every week. I know Bo Sanchez practices this and it cannot be overemphasized. Children are young once, their minds can be trained in (what should be) the most positive, inclusive, loving environment they will ever know in their lives only in this short span of time. It does not matter if they are 3 years old or younger. They know.  Let’s not squander this time with them.

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A retreat-style soul weekend experience

Spark 007: The Bond Girls

Spark 007: The Bond Girls

This article was published in the Philippine Canadian Inquirer.

There was a long road, winding, rocky. And darkness, the kind that devours. I could hear the gurgling of  little meandering streams tipping its silver toes here and then there, and on my right was a great body of lake I could feel but could not see. Deep, I thought.

In the distance, a spark.

It was the warmth that greeted me, of Baldwin house, and of hosts Lorie Corcuera and Aileen de la Torre. PCI once featured Lorie; I met Aileen (who was with Lorie) at an event I covered for PCI. Both women were amazing. Now, I thought, I could see them work their magic.

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How do you start your morning?

Soar high!

Soar high!

Feet bristling through the carpet in a half hazy world, I make my way to our armchair and seat facing the window.

I could feel the cold leather as steel on my skin, awaking my senses but not so much. I draw the blinds, as far as it would go, and I would look out, as far as my eyes can see. And I see clouds, clarity, blue skies. Eyes half open, I close them again and feel the earth around me.

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