So You Like to Sing



Many want to go this route – using the pipes to have a go at their wildest dreams.

And some have seen their wildest dream come true too, if the batting average of American Idol – or other singing contests – are anything to go by.

Before my memory goes to oblivion, let me share with you some tips from professional singers I had the great fortune to brush shoulders with:

1.  Practice.

And practice some more.  Like any other skill, practice makes perfect in singing.  And if you can afford it (or someone offers), hire a voice coach.  But know that not all voice coaches will do wonders for you.  Find one who will boost your ego and transform your voice to the most amazing instrument known on earth.  You will know this after a few days with teacher – if teacher makes you feel small, makes your voice squeak (like you don’t want to sing anymore), fire her.  She is not right for you.  Of course, there’s the truth too – you might not really have what it takes.  Careful balance and an open mind are needed.  And luck.  If this is what you were born to do, you will find the right voice teacher for you.

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