Marco Delgado: Not given everything he wanted (and it was okay)


Wind turbines and Marco Delgado

Marco Deglado has a legacy to Philippine Christendom that not very many people know about.

It started with passion, and a mission. Ambassador Antonio C. Delgado, Marco’s grandfather and the First Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican, made it his personal advocacy to have a Filipino saint canonized. This became a reality with the beatification in 1981 and canonization in 1987 of San Lorenzo Ruiz. An issue came up, however, when the sculptor started work on the likeness—whose face?

It was then that Marco’s grandmother took out a picture of the boy Marco (who was then living with them) and thus, immortalized him as the face of the patron saint of the Philippines, the Filipinos and interestingly, the Overseas Filipino Workers.

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More debt is good


I got one of those unusual-convention-defying advice from the Rich Dad Academy.

Increase your credit limit in all your credit cards, the speaker said. Have more debt, was the unspoken advice.

The reason: having access to a huge amount of money at the time you need money (and you will need money) will open up your world to more opportunities. The unspoken caveat: use it only to further a business or for personal development (read: do not purchase duds). Again, the unspoken: pay it off before you incur interest.

If you think about it, credit cards could be great. It will give you access to money that  you have 30 days to pay for. Except – it could make you overspend.

Anyway, take the advice for what it is and know the pitfalls if you do.

And here’s how to increase your credit (and get some other extras):

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What is your story?

The truth must smell as sweet.

Everyone loves a good story. One that would engage his eyes, his ears, his heart or win his trust or interest.

Reality TV, for example, has as its main draw interesting characters who are masterful storytellers that have amazing stories.

How many were not riveted when a blind home cook has earned the title of Master Chef?

(I think this is the reason why Gordon Ramsay et al chose her to be the winner despite the blah dishes (based on their comments) she presented – her story is irresistible – a cook who cannot see!)

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Big news for small business, the new 1099K tax form (Infographic)

Here’s news for Paypal earners – they will now have a tax form to fill, and of course, their online incomes are no longer below the radar as in the (golden) years past. Their bane though, is the government’s gain (think $378 billion, which is the tax gap). But it’s not all grim news in this Infographics. Also listed are the tax deductions most commonly overlooked by small businesses and the 5 largest tax credits and the movement to prohibit the IRS from letting loose the goose that would lay them new golden eggs.

But like some people said – paying big taxes – that’s a good problem to have.

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11 Ways to save money at the movies

To lose one's self

The movies can break the bank.

It never used to. At least where I was from, movies can be had for, say, less than $5. So we would watch every week, and sometimes, we would watch a movie twice. And so I was surprised to find that it is a luxury (at $12.50!) in Canada, a first world – and that’s even without popcorn! Or maybe I am just a new immigrant and still doing my maths and my conversions in my head.

And so this guest post by Andrea Woroch appealed to me. Hope it gets you your movie fix too, at half the price.

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Should You Lose Your (Difficult) Customer?



An email ruined your day.

It came from a particularly annoying customer whom you cannot please.  Cannot may even be an understatement.  You have done everything short of moving heaven and earth and yet he is unhappy.    The sun is hot, he says.  My cat is meowing, he cries.  The grass is greener on the other side, he complains.  And the ultimate: I am disappointed. What you have done is below my standards.  You cannot please me.  Why can’t you please me?  I don’t think you ever will.

You jump and have jumped at every bark of that voice, adjusted things a little, bent over backwards, overdelivered, allowed yourself to lose a little dignity, for nothing.  Your nerves still get frazzled every time he calls or he emails (and he calls and emails to make sure you know about his unhappiness).

So what do you do?

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The Cost of Opportunity



Opportunities appear not to those who wait, but to those who look.

The problem is, not everyone looks.  Most sit on their divans and wait for the apple to fall, although there is no tree around.  Okay, sometimes there is – outside – but most of the time, the leaves are not even ruffled by the wind.  

And these people – they wonder – why isn’t there anything happening in my life?

When the cost of opportunity is nominal, a pittance.

It can be bought by small talk, an exchange of looks, or a simple email.  But there has to be a dash of audacity, daring, bravura.

You only need a window – an opening that will give you glimpse of what is beyond – the something that is out there, and good, and waiting for you.  You also need a sprinkling of imagination to spur you on so you can take the first step.

And the second, and the third.

But some of the time, you do not even need a window – you can find or create opportunity.

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More Becoming-a-Millionaire-Without-Going-Into-Business Tips

Money Can Grow On Trees

You can read the first part here.

Everyone wants millions and the dreams-come-true that go with it.  There are roads that are tried and tested – which, more often than not, involve business.  But here are some other ways to get to that golden brick road.

Real Estate

Contrary to what most think, huge capital and putting up a business entity are not really necessary to succeed in real estate.  The secret (that-is-not-really-a- secret) – foreclosed properties. The how – the property can be fixed up and rented out (buy and rent), or fixed up and sold (buy and sell). But research, due diligence, some handyman abilities, patience, a flair for marketing and a lot of guts are necessary. Yes, there’s the question of – how in heaven’s name am I going to pay for it???  Most banks require only a 10% downpayment, which you can borrow, and the rest of the payment – the 90% – you can also borrow, and the loan can be stretched to forever (think 30 years).  And this is what makes it beautiful – if you rent it out, the house will practically pay for itself, if you sell it, you get a tidy sum for a little bit of finding-house-fixing-house headache.  Kiyosaki and the local Kiyosakis swear by this system to gain untold riches. (untold!)

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