So you wrote a book

Five Stars! for As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis

Five Stars! for As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis

No, I did. I just did. Okay, some moons ago. But not that long ago. And I promise I will tell you all about it. Some journey it was.

Before I go on, because you guys have been amazing and have supported me since forever, you can have my book for zero dollars (for a limited time only) at Smashwords. Here’s the coupon code KX95W. My only request is that you leave me a review. Please 🙂

And what was I saying? Oh yes, a journey! An exciting amazing journey full of potholes and rainbows. Yes, they could go together.

I had it published via Amazon Kindle – and I did it via their KDP Select, which was the best thing I ever did. But it did not seem so in the first few days, weeks, months. In fact, I was convinced I made a mistake. Big mistake. Big. Huge! (channeling you know what)

And yes, I will tell you more about this in the days and weeks to come.

In excruciatingly detailed accounts.

Because you need all the support you need when you are publishing a book.

Because publishing is not for sissies. It’s tough. More so for first time authors. More so for first time authors who have great dreams for their book.

Like you. Like me.

Authors who want the most amazing experience without spending a gazillion dollars. Yes, it is possible (you have to be married to a great graphic designer but…)

But let’s start somewhere in the middle. Where my book had this wonderful review from Sarah Stuart of Readers’ Favorite:

As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis by P Milisande is a very different YA thriller. It’s a challenging novel for teenagers to read with its mix of past and present, scientific fact, Greek myth, and fantasy, but they will be able to empathise with the lead character. Maia leads such a normal life, touched by sadness when her friend, Elle, loses her mother to cancer. The religious aspect is intriguing, hinting at an affinity between Maia and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and yet the prophesy carved in stone spells danger. “For to journey within is to heed the call but to find the path means to lose it all.” Illustrations keep the focus on Google Earth: the device used to drive the plot and tie the threads together.


“In the beginning… the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.” Beneath the sea lie the caves where the seven sisters play. Thrilling fantasy at its best may be found in As Above So Below: Veil Over Atlantis. The story opens with mischievous Maia using magic, forbidden in their game, to tease her sisters. Their father believes in living life to the full, and the reader is plunged into the twenty-first century; fourteen-year-old Maia is learning to fly a Cessna, but her instructor’s name is Noah. Curiouser and curiouser… yes, this book enchants the way Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories did, and still do. P Milisande has given us a future classic: unique and stunning.

Reviews like that, it simply makes one glow. And want to go on. (thanks, Sarah)

So yes, it is possible for anyone – anyone – to write a book. So you wrote a book. It can be your story. And I will tell you how.




For the Book Lover In You

Keep the Mind...

Keep the Mind...

You love books.  And isn’t it just perfect that they are readily available anywhere now more than ever?

I myself was a voracious reader when I was a kid.  Moving from mom’s Mills & Boon to the thicker, more seductive books, all hand-me-downs from I don’t know where (or did mom buy…?).  I was hooked. But there was not enough books.  And buying more, well, was certainly not in the stars for the young me.  There were other priorities.  So I did not have a book budget then, like I try to have now, but I think it was okay because I would have been lost with so much to select from (i still find myself lost now – sometimes, books/authors do not meet expectations)

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Are You On The Internet?

Virgin Territory

Internet: Virgin Territory

My mother had foresight.

She had the two of us enroll at a computer school at a nondescript building, with an area not exceeding 40 square meters.  I forgot where it was located, but I remember we had to look over the shoulder of the teacher and we had to share a computer, tinkering with DOS and binary numbers and floppy discs together.  We were no longer mother and child, but two people trying to ride with the times.  I am not sure if I (or she) learned anything.  I know that back at home I continued to type my thesis with an electric typewriter.

Not that it mattered.  What we had learned would be relegated to the annals of computer history, because in a few years, mankind was to take several quantum leaps into the information age.

In his book “The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty First Century”, Thomas L. Friedman catalogued the shift of the philosophy of the world – from working hard, man had to work smart.  He said, “… One way small companies flourish in the flat world is by learning to act really big.  And the key to being small and acting big is being quick to take advantage of all the new tools for collaboration to reach farther, faster, wider, and deeper.”

From the computer came the Internet.  And the internet is the new frontier where this is possible.

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