More Becoming-a-Millionaire-Without-Going-Into-Business Tips

Money Can Grow On Trees

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Everyone wants millions and the dreams-come-true that go with it.  There are roads that are tried and tested – which, more often than not, involve business.  But here are some other ways to get to that golden brick road.

Real Estate

Contrary to what most think, huge capital and putting up a business entity are not really necessary to succeed in real estate.  The secret (that-is-not-really-a- secret) – foreclosed properties. The how – the property can be fixed up and rented out (buy and rent), or fixed up and sold (buy and sell). But research, due diligence, some handyman abilities, patience, a flair for marketing and a lot of guts are necessary. Yes, there’s the question of – how in heaven’s name am I going to pay for it???  Most banks require only a 10% downpayment, which you can borrow, and the rest of the payment – the 90% – you can also borrow, and the loan can be stretched to forever (think 30 years).  And this is what makes it beautiful – if you rent it out, the house will practically pay for itself, if you sell it, you get a tidy sum for a little bit of finding-house-fixing-house headache.  Kiyosaki and the local Kiyosakis swear by this system to gain untold riches. (untold!)

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The Working Woman’s Guide To Riches


Sometimes, a woman needs a guidepost, a road map to where she wants to be.  Most of the time, her goals involve wealth, or ways to wealth.  Here are some methods that are tried and tested.

1.  Make a financial assessment.

A woman should know how much she has before she can decide what to do with how much she has.  For many, this starts a series of wake-up calls, not to mention panic attacks.  But wake up calls are good, and panic attacks are good because they set off something in the brain that makes it go to preservation mode.

Here is where the expensive coffee and clothes and bags and eating out and traveling have to go.  Or at least cut by as much as seventy five percent.

Because to be wealthy is to carve out and use that seventy five percent for something that can bring in more income (read: investment).

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Lessons from a Restaurant Business

Year End Musings

We got into a business and we did not manage it.  That was the fatal mistake.

But let me just say that from both ends, from the beginning until the end, there were a lot of good intentions.

Last year, we were invited to invest in a new venture – a restaurant.  Hubby always wanted a restaurant to call his own and since we could not fulfill his dream yet because we are both so busy in our careers (design and law, respectively), we dived in, one eye closed.

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Experiences Over Possessions

Life's Simple Pleasures

A friend of my husband asked me how in the world I do not own any Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tod’s, Burberry or Chanel bag, the carry-on status symbol of choice for the modern woman.

I had to smile.

Okay.  I have to admit that I am not immune to their charms.  If anything, I love soft leather, and I certainly can appreciate wonderful craftsmanship.  The ooohs and aaahs of the woman who realizes what it is is also a great incentive, I will not lie.

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If You Are in Business, Why Customer Service Should be Your Priority

With A Smile

I was surprised by a frantic call from my home resort, the company where I bought my timeshare.

They were threatened to be exposed on national television of being a scam.  Being an attorney for the leading broadcasting station, they wanted me to speak on their behalf, to do some sort of a testimony, to talk to their client and allay the client’s fears (and silence his threats).

I told them I could not.  I was not happy with them.

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Be in Business, Rock the Boat


Getting There

I am not really a business woman.

At least I did not start out thinking that I could be one.

All I know is how to be an employee.  I was trained to think that way in school.  I was not really aware but I was being groomed to become a top employee, the crème de la crème so that top companies will fight for me come graduation.  My grades were my mirrors, and they were supposed to mirror me in top form so at least I will be considered.  I was taught to follow all the rules, to take it all in and not ask, to be gracious and grateful, because I need these companies more than they need me.

It was my destiny.

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Investing in Another Person’s Business



At one point in your life, you will be given what you think will be a golden opportunity – investing in someone else’s business.  Before you turn giddy and give your yesses and your checks, think.

My husband and I, we are very enthusiastic persons.  The idea of getting into a new business – except when it involves multi-level marketing, which does not float our boat – is enough to send us to euphoria.  But of late, we have been a little selective and a little wary of the businesses we get into.  We have been burned some of the time and if added up, those investments would run into the hundreds of thousands.  Okay, okay, some are not yet “dead” but we worry about them constantly and we do not think that worrying is very good use of our time and our money.

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Lessons from the Business of Show Business

No Business Like Show Business

It was not my first time.

I remember.  It was more than 15 years ago when I produced my first show.  It was in a southern province, accessible by land (8 hours) and by air (45 minutes).  We partnered with someone who was introduced to us as the wife of a Brunei prince.  Such was the rage at that time and many young women – some described as desperate, others gold diggers, others still victims of their own beauty (and another’s greed) – fell for the charms of dark-skinned princes, giving birth to scions of royalty.

Indeed she was beautiful and was moneyed and was very much interested in bringing to her hometown some showbiz denizens.  “To make my mother happy,” she quipped.

The show was a moderate success and we learned a lot.  One partner made some unnecessary trips by plane which added to the expenses; the people that we tapped to get sponsors did not deliver (they got zero sponsors); the souvenir program was overpriced (we ended up hauling the whole lot back to headquarters); it was not easy.

I was reminded again of these lessons when we did “Love in the Key of R”.

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