Abundance for the New Year

The Green Book: On Saving

I found this lone piggybank in a toy store and embraced it right away, looking suspiciously to my left and to my right to check if someone will get it from me.

No other takers.  I breathed a sigh of relief.


But to tell you the truth, when I got it, I initially thought of giving it as a gift to one of my nephews or nieces but then as the countdown to Christmas lost digit after digit, I started wanting it for myself (it would be perfect too for my daughter…).

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(Hopefully) Not Too Late Christmas Tips

You Can Make this a Special Christmas

At Christmas time, the mall is particularly stressful.

I mean the crowds are massive and stifling, the parking is horrible, the merchandise are disgustingly overpriced.

Christmas never used to be this way.  It used to be special.  The glittery, dreamy, new-clothes-new-shoes-lots-of-gifts-and-sparkles kiddy kind of special.

(Or is it because, then, I was not in charge (and not spending)?)

But I have grown up (as I must) and now it is my turn to make it special for my brood.

(And I wonder, was it stressful too for my mom and dad, or is it more stressful now because the world has become more fast-paced, more guilt-ridden, more material-focused?)

So ever since the countdown for Christmas began, I have been on the lookout for other alternative ways to give or buy gifts without breaking the bank or losing my sanity.  Here are some of my picks:

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What Gifts Did You Receive?



“What?  You will not give each other any gifts for Christmas?!!!”

I had to laugh at the incredulous look on my sister-in-law’s face as I shook my head from side to side.  She could not imagine that we would want no surprises or take no surreptitious trips to the market to find that certain something that would delight a lover.

We have taken the same route with my daughter, who chose her Monopoly game board (discounted), Here and Now Edition (electronic banking instead of paper money!), with care, over a coveted Baby Alive (she thought it was too expensive – I am so proud of her).  We bought it and wrapped it together and I do not think her excitement waned or was lessened because she still waited for “the day” until she could play with it and play with us (she lost during our first game and wanted to cry but won during the second and got her confidence back – we do not believe in letting her win just because she is a kid).

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What Promises To Be An Extraordinary Christmas

Christmas in the Air

Christmas in the Air

In the lobby of our office stands the most beautiful Christmas tree.

It is majestic, tall, towering.  The green leaves are lost in the reds and golds and in the crystals and the globes and red-golden ribbons and a hundreds, maybe thousands, of twinkling lights.  I could almost feel Christmas-y at the sight of this tree, my ears peaking at the sound of the soft strains of – aaahh, Christmas music. At the crown are a thousand shimmering cascades of red stars beckoning all to come and see.

A seemingly farcical treat to this Christmas that promises to be different from all the rest.

A different Christmas.

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Growing Up Yoyow: A Maltese Tale

With Wings, Can Fly

With Wings, Can Fly

It seemed to be too much of a responsibility, I thought.  We could not do it, I reasoned.  The expense will be considerable, I reckoned.  Uhm, ah, no, I decided.

So I said, “Sorry C, no puppy.”

I like dogs.  I grew up with several of them, in fact.  Blenda, Starsky and Stardust, my pre-pregnancy dachshund who bows (promise!) whenever she sees me.  But no, not this time, it is too much work, the house would smell and financially, I thought it would not make sense.

But ever since C requested for a puppy as her special Christmas present, the germ of needing (okay, wanting) one had caught on.  We had no choice but to capitulate.

On the eve of Christmas, we held a thin, sweet, magnificent, white, yielding Yoyow in our arms.

Yoyow, Apple of Our Eyes

Yoyow, Apple of Our Eyes

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