Money Summit 2011: If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance

A New Day

A New Day

Yes, please sign me up!

Seminars.  Opportunities to learn new things, new ways of thinking, new (and hopefully more effective) ways of making money, new trends, meet interesting and like minded people… how could anyone pass that up?   I could not.

And I am still touched by the ripples (a.k.a. benefits, gains, blessings) that simple “Yeses!” to seminars were able to earn for me: the MavenSecrets blogging seminar which gave me this blog, the Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Seminar from long ago that so inspired me but failed to make me a scriptwriter (which friend said can’t have it all?), the Truly Rich Club seminar and materials (mostly CDs I still listen to in my car) from Bo Sanchez that I still remember to this day (that jumpstarted the personal-finance-me – who would ever think?), the financial planning experiment that gave me my financial-planners-partners in MoneyDoctors, Bob Proctor’s Six-Minutes to Success and Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham’s League of Extraordinary Minds that are still giving me new insights into the human psyche and the Registered Financial Planning seminar I am currently attending which hopefully will make me financial planner extraordinaire (hopefully).

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Why Are You Investing?

Within Reach

Within Reach

Today I embarked on my journey towards becoming a Registered Financial Planner.

I figured – I might as well plunge head-on into the world of personal finance.  And what better way to continue my education than by formal training.

Good too that I got a semi-scholarship / discount through MoneyDoctors partner and friend, Salve Duplito, who is a finance guru herself. (thanks, Salve, and to Mr. Henry Ong, head of the RFP – Philippines program)

So my friends, in a few months, I hope to be a Registered Financial Planner.  I also want you with me on that journey so I am cooking up something that I hope will positively impact the financial future of one (or two, or three) of you. (hint, hint)

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How to Be A Millionaire Without Starting a Business (and a Mention at Cosmopolitan Magazine!)

Cosmopolitan March 2011

Page 158, Tips 3 and 4 are Mine :D

When I got the email from Kristina Monica Guerra of Cosmopolitan Magazine requesting for an interview, I was more than thrilled – I was ecstatic.

She said she got to know of me from Anton Diaz’ list of upcoming Bloggers and wanted my two cents on how one can be a millionaire without starting a business.

The question stumped me.  I am a business advocate and champion of those who dare to change their lives through the wonderful, maddening, exciting world of business.

Being a millionaire without going into business – is it even possible?

The March 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine featured some of the answers I submitted to Monica.  I was quoted alongside Francisco Colayco, author of several books, speaker, entrepreneur and mentor – what an honor!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw my name and my blog mentioned (yey!).  Thanks again, Monica.

But back to the question: Can one get to millions without getting his feet wet in the grime and grunge of business?

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A Discovery In the Culinary Capital


Photos courtesy of Madelene Uyehara

Cross-post from MoneyDoctors Blog.

Pampanga. The birthplace of many chefs extraordinaire. So it is no wonder that there are some great restaurants in the province. But only some. Hubby and I wondered about this and surmised that because every other Kapampangan is a cook, every Kapampangan is a food critic. I mean, the standards are set so high! Before you can entice a Kapampangan to come hither to a restaurant – the cuisine has to better than what their mothers and lolas cook. And that is a tall order.

One brave soul is Araceli Timbol, a graduate of the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila, who also trained at The Blue Elephant, Bangkok and Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. Tucked away in what was once the neighborhood of the rich in metro Pampanga is her The Village Chef.

We heard about The Village Chef from hubby’s sister and brother who were raving about it. It was hubby’s birthday and we thought, what a great excuse to splurge!

And so we did. (splurging is allowed some of the time)

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How We Prepared for Baby

Art by Chiarra Briones

Crosspost from the MoneyDoctors Blog.

With every kick at my gut, I was reminded that I was not alone. With every fluttering in my stomach, I knew he was there, his father’s son, and he was coming very soon.

He came and I did not have any idea what I had to do.

How does one prepare for baby?

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The MoneyDoctors Story

The Way to Wealth

It was a fine afternoon and Nannette and I got to talking.

I just passed the insurance examination given by the Insurance Commission and can now be ushered into the world of insurance agents and hustling and bustling.  That made me uncomfortable and I told Nannette so.

Okay, I still had the image of the feisty, persistent, pesky seller of insurance who does not really explain or understand what he sells, does not hear the word “no”, does not stick around through the bad times (when the hapless insured can no longer pay the premiums), is just “interested” because of the commission he hopes to get.

I did not want to be that person.

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A 90-Day Credit Card Moratorium


At our post-Christmas party, my partners at MoneyDoctors started talking about a credit card moratorium for their families – this meant they will not use their credit cards for 90 days.

With the Christmas indulgence, I also engaged in some wanton (haha!) and indiscriminate spending and have not been able to pay my credit cards in full.  I still do pay way above the minimum but at the rate I am going, and with my steady monthly purchases (not to mention the interest payments, grrrr!), I do not know when I will be free (or if I will be free).

I knew then had to do something that drastic too – and fast!

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