The Cost of Opportunity



Opportunities appear not to those who wait, but to those who look.

The problem is, not everyone looks.  Most sit on their divans and wait for the apple to fall, although there is no tree around.  Okay, sometimes there is – outside – but most of the time, the leaves are not even ruffled by the wind.  

And these people – they wonder – why isn’t there anything happening in my life?

When the cost of opportunity is nominal, a pittance.

It can be bought by small talk, an exchange of looks, or a simple email.  But there has to be a dash of audacity, daring, bravura.

You only need a window – an opening that will give you glimpse of what is beyond – the something that is out there, and good, and waiting for you.  You also need a sprinkling of imagination to spur you on so you can take the first step.

And the second, and the third.

But some of the time, you do not even need a window – you can find or create opportunity.

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How Not to Get What You (Might Eventually) Want


Sometimes we make things hard for ourselves.

We hate this, we will never do that, we would rather die first, or punctuate our thoughts with “…only if hell freezes over”, allowing ourselves to fall prey to strong feelings of (false) pride, revulsion, aversion or not wanting something to the point of repulsion or loathing.  We do not realize that simply by planting those seeds of thought in our minds, we have placed a behemoth obstacle in our paths.

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Hoarding Emails (and Letting Go)


I was getting tired of seeing 5,600+ unread mail in my mailbox.  What’s funny is I am also being bombarded with emails that say I should simplify my life.

So I did.

But it is harder than I thought.

As of press time, I still have 3,089 unread emails.  And it is growing by 50 a day.

I am confounded as to why my unread emails became that much.  I am usually overly zealous at reading what’s up in my world and everyone else’s.  Looking at my 2008 emails (Gmail has allowed me to keep them), I saw that I had read each and every one.  I do not know what happened between then and now.

Maybe it’s just that I am a sucker for enlisting for products and services.  In early 2009, I was so big on personal finance and internet marketing that I had signed up for those websites and people my mentors recommended – Schefren, Daily Wealth, Daily Crux, Morningstar, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, League of Extraordinary Minds, Carl Ocab and many more other websites.  I seriously think this is the time when my emails ballooned to unimaginable and my life went from simple to crazy-exciting.

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How to Make 2010 Prosperous


Thoughts of the New Year conjure with it many bright lights in colorful splendor, dazzling the night, signaling new life, new hope, a new beginning.  It is family, treats, and loud, raucous laughter.  And thoughts of abundance, great abundance, to come.

Here are some words from the experts on how to set up your financial goals and clean up your financial house:

Turn Desires to Gold

At the beginning of Bob Proctor’s program Six Minutes to Success, he discusses about the six ways in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich of how to turn mere desires into realities.

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Crossing the Chasm

Going Around in Concentric Circles

Going Around in Concentric Circles

E, S, B, I.

When I first saw “the grid”, I thought they were mystic markings.  I could not have been closer to the truth.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, talked about the 4 quadrants: E for Employee.  S for the Self-employed.  B for the Business Owner and I for the Investor.

Only thin lines separate the 4.  But in reality, millions of dollars and a vast chasm divide them.

And boy, I am finding out what it takes of me to cross that chasm.

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Your Future and Other People

Look Within, Dig Deep

Look Within, Dig Deep

My mother does not like fortune tellers.

She was young.  I do not know the exact circumstance or her exact age at the time of her “consultation”, or why she even went, or how she looked or seemed, or what was it that made her voice out, in a question, her one dream: “Will I be able to travel outside of the country?” or what prompted the fortune teller to tell my mother that no, she would not go places.  I only know that while my mother was telling me this story many, many years ago, there was still pain in her eyes, and anger, her chin jutting at that defiant angle.  The barb – even when it probably was not meant as a barb – had hit home and she could still feel the sting.  Even after all the time that had elapsed.

I was told I could not make it, too, but not by a fortune teller.

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The Power of the Mind

A Higher Power

A Higher Power

Words from my past visited me.

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win but think you can’t
it’s almost a cinch you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out in the world you’ll find
Success begins with a fellow’s will
it’s all in the state of mind.

Victory isn’t always won by the stronger or faster man
In the end you’ll see the one who wins
Is the one who thinks he can.

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