Who’s going to the Rich Dad Academy?


Before we stepped out of the car, I told my friend they will sell us this and that at the Rich Dad Education Workshop.

After all, despite all the freebies and the come-hither, it is a marketing event that we are going to. I told her (self-assuredly) I do not easily say yes. That in fact, I have never been embarrassed to say no – and that if it is not worth it, I would say no. She assured me she is the same. I breathed easy since I made a full disclosure and that there is someone watching my back in case I totter and fall.

I tottered and fell (my friend did too).

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Money Summit 2011: If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance

A New Day

A New Day

Yes, please sign me up!

Seminars.  Opportunities to learn new things, new ways of thinking, new (and hopefully more effective) ways of making money, new trends, meet interesting and like minded people… how could anyone pass that up?   I could not.

And I am still touched by the ripples (a.k.a. benefits, gains, blessings) that simple “Yeses!” to seminars were able to earn for me: the MavenSecrets blogging seminar which gave me this blog, the Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Seminar from long ago that so inspired me but failed to make me a scriptwriter (which friend said can’t have it all?), the Truly Rich Club seminar and materials (mostly CDs I still listen to in my car) from Bo Sanchez that I still remember to this day (that jumpstarted the personal-finance-me – who would ever think?), the Inquirer.net financial planning experiment that gave me my financial-planners-partners in MoneyDoctors, Bob Proctor’s Six-Minutes to Success and Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham’s League of Extraordinary Minds that are still giving me new insights into the human psyche and the Registered Financial Planning seminar I am currently attending which hopefully will make me financial planner extraordinaire (hopefully).

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More Becoming-a-Millionaire-Without-Going-Into-Business Tips

Money Can Grow On Trees

You can read the first part here.

Everyone wants millions and the dreams-come-true that go with it.  There are roads that are tried and tested – which, more often than not, involve business.  But here are some other ways to get to that golden brick road.

Real Estate

Contrary to what most think, huge capital and putting up a business entity are not really necessary to succeed in real estate.  The secret (that-is-not-really-a- secret) – foreclosed properties. The how – the property can be fixed up and rented out (buy and rent), or fixed up and sold (buy and sell). But research, due diligence, some handyman abilities, patience, a flair for marketing and a lot of guts are necessary. Yes, there’s the question of – how in heaven’s name am I going to pay for it???  Most banks require only a 10% downpayment, which you can borrow, and the rest of the payment – the 90% – you can also borrow, and the loan can be stretched to forever (think 30 years).  And this is what makes it beautiful – if you rent it out, the house will practically pay for itself, if you sell it, you get a tidy sum for a little bit of finding-house-fixing-house headache.  Kiyosaki and the local Kiyosakis swear by this system to gain untold riches. (untold!)

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Grow Rich, Play Monopoly

Under the Sun, Playing

Under the Sun, Playing

It’s a funny thing. I have known Monopoly since I was a young kid. I enjoyed it, yes, and tried hard to get playmates to play with me but we usually get bored early in the game so we end up, always, not finishing it. We did not even care who won. But I did not know it could have such an impact on me. It was just a board game, after all, and board games do not really teach skills. Apparently, this one does, and I learned to look at Monopoly – and games – in a new light.

Fast forward to 20 years after. I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Kiyosaki said in that book that one can learn the basics of finance with Monopoly, such as “trade four green houses for one red hotel.” I could not believe my eyes as I was reading, I know this game! I immediately downloaded it to my Treo and played, and played, and played.

At home, at night, at traffic when my car is at a standstill – every chance I got, I played. And then, finally, I got it.

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