Sharing With You Some (Seminar) Insider Info

All the Help You Need

All the Help You Need

I love seminars.  Don’t you?

And it’s not just because of the insider information that you get from it, but the people that you meet and re-meet who may just clinch the next deal for you.

Really, you don’t know what you’ll get in those – sometimes it is the education (which is the reason that you go anyway), other times it is the perks (like a password to the next big thing that will get you a discount, or will get you in for free), most times, it is meeting the network – that can be your network – people who can do your work for you (this is a wonderful bonus).

What do you do with what you get, though, is a different thing entirely.

Because the ability to see opportunity in information and in people is an art but I think it is an ability that can be cultivated.

What I want to do with what I got from the most recent one I attended, the MoneySummit, is to share them with you.  The speakers shared some valuable resources that can, maybe, hopefully help you if you have an online business (who doesn’t – and if you don’t, isn’t it about time you start thinking about owning a piece of that getting-to-be-scarce-and-crowded-and-valuable real estate?).

Here are some website-tools that can help take your business to the next level:

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So You Like to Sing



Many want to go this route – using the pipes to have a go at their wildest dreams.

And some have seen their wildest dream come true too, if the batting average of American Idol – or other singing contests – are anything to go by.

Before my memory goes to oblivion, let me share with you some tips from professional singers I had the great fortune to brush shoulders with:

1.  Practice.

And practice some more.  Like any other skill, practice makes perfect in singing.  And if you can afford it (or someone offers), hire a voice coach.  But know that not all voice coaches will do wonders for you.  Find one who will boost your ego and transform your voice to the most amazing instrument known on earth.  You will know this after a few days with teacher – if teacher makes you feel small, makes your voice squeak (like you don’t want to sing anymore), fire her.  She is not right for you.  Of course, there’s the truth too – you might not really have what it takes.  Careful balance and an open mind are needed.  And luck.  If this is what you were born to do, you will find the right voice teacher for you.

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Why Do Some People Succeed?

Sailing Away

Sailing Away

And why only some?  Aren’t we all genetically predisposed to be the best that we can be?

The answer, simply, is no.  Otherwise, no one would be successful.  And our journeys would all be, for lack of a better word, boring.

Here are some speakers in the Money Summit 2011 who defied the odds and became masters in their own fields:


I was into everything before I started doing real estate.  As an entrepreneur, I started off with window furnishing in the late 70’s, then went into knitwear in the 80’s and a PR company that focused on beauty contests … We handled Triumph Court of Fashion, Palmolive Circle of 10, Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Asia Pacific plus Eupohoria Disco … in the early 90’s, Iwi Laurel and myself put up the first real estate talk show on nationwide television … sometime thru those years, I became the Philippine representative for Joe Weider products (muscle building drinks) and regular jobs in financial institutions such as Bancom Philippine Holdings, Union Bank and ULTRA, the concert and sport venue.

It was only when I started selling real estate and investing in real estate that I can say that I reached financial maturity.  The Property Forum was granted exclusive marketing contracts in the mid 90’s which was right smack in the Asian Crisis period … That is the time I realized that my expertise was on distressed properties since our sales was great during bad times … So the years after, I started doing auctions with the major universal and commercial banks …

We began doing bulk investment from bank assets 3 years ago and last year, we decided to buy the asset management company of GE money bank from GE Investment in Norway … As an investor, I basically buy and hold while I wait for nature to solve the headaches … Sometimes dump the lousy assets and just collect the good ones …

Lesson:  I like what Noli Alleje said here – that in real estate investing, particularly in investing in distressed properties – one technique is just to buy and hold while waiting for nature to solve the headaches.  So if applied to the US real estate market (or to stocks), the time to buy is now.  But many are still scared.  And that is why people like Noli Alleje emerge the winner.

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Why I Asked the Questions I Asked: the 2011 Money Summit Interviews

Discovering the Beauty Within

Discovering the Beauty Within

Those who are larger than life, and seemingly possessed with superpowers, are humans too, like the rest of us.

This is what I learned when I engaged some of the speakers of the 2011 Money Summit in a conversation via Facebook messaging.  Some of them are downright funny (hilarious even), and all are inspired and inspiring.

Here were the questions I asked:

1.     Who were you before you became successful?

2.     What interests you apart from your business or your career?

Why those 2 questions?

I want to find out if successful people have a common trait which made them successful, and I wanted to find this “special trait” by looking at what they have written and how they wrote it.  The things and events a person discloses about himself and his life, what a person gives importance to, gives a glimpse of that which sets him apart (I was pleasantly surprised at the glimpses some have allowed me).

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The Book Hubby Could Not Put Down

Are you -Able?

Are you - Able?

Hubby likes men’s magazines and comic books and art books and Sun Tzu.  And that is perhaps the entire repertoire of stuff that he reads.

So it was a surprise to me when he picked up my book -Able, one of the books sent to me for review (one of the more wonderful perks of being a blogger) and surprise, surprise – hubby could not put it down.

What’s to love: the lessons are bite-size, easy to remember, relevant, easy to apply.

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