What do you do when you lose your iPhone?

Finding the way

Finding the way

It was quite an invigorating night, but one that ended in despair.

Ten minutes after arriving in my house, I found out I lost my iPhone.

That is one of my worst fears. My cellphone is the extension of myself (proof of my life). What’s worse, I knew my cellphone’s battery was dead at the time I lost it. So I couldn’t call, I couldn’t text (I did, anyway).

I was in suspended animation, neither here nor there that night and the next few days, responding to every text with “hu dis?”. It was embarrassing.

Anyway, those were the most disquieting days of my life, but as in everything, here are some lessons learned:

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An Inspirational Speech to Graduating Students


Snapshots of the Future

My alma mater called and requested that I give an inspirational speech during the graduation rites of its Grade School Department.


A week before, I made a self-assessment and determined I wanted more training / experience in public speaking.  Hmmm…  What can I say?  The universe will conspire to get you what you want, when you want it.  That is, immediately, or almost immediately.

Let me share with you the text of my speech.

Beloved director, principal and members of the faculty, proud parents, and above all, the graduates.  My congratulations.

I imagine that you are excited at graduating, a little scared of going to highschool, sad about saying goodbye to friends and teachers, and excited about the summer.  I also felt the same way when I was 12.

Looking at your faces, at this school, at the teachers, I realize that everything has changed.  And nothing has changed.

But let me tell you, tomorrow will be the beginning of one of the most wonderful, memorable, exciting part of your lives.

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The Working Woman’s Guide To Riches


Sometimes, a woman needs a guidepost, a road map to where she wants to be.  Most of the time, her goals involve wealth, or ways to wealth.  Here are some methods that are tried and tested.

1.  Make a financial assessment.

A woman should know how much she has before she can decide what to do with how much she has.  For many, this starts a series of wake-up calls, not to mention panic attacks.  But wake up calls are good, and panic attacks are good because they set off something in the brain that makes it go to preservation mode.

Here is where the expensive coffee and clothes and bags and eating out and traveling have to go.  Or at least cut by as much as seventy five percent.

Because to be wealthy is to carve out and use that seventy five percent for something that can bring in more income (read: investment).

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If the Only Prayer You Said Was “Thank You”

He Made it and It Was Beautiful

I read it from The Secret but it was Johannes “Meister” Eckhart who allegedly originally said this.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was thank you…

I do not know who Eckhart is, except that he was a German theologian, philosopher and mystic born during the 12th century who wrote such controversial articles that he was tried as a heretic by the then-pope.

But this is not about Meister Eckhart or the Secret.  This article is about certain prayers, and thank you.

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100th Post and a Dash of Thank You’s

Thank You

After 99 posts, 453 comments (54 of which are spam which I have not deleted nor approved) and 699 tags, I come to this, my 100th post.

To think that YouWantToBeRich started as just a requirement to get a certificate in MavenSecrets, a professional blogging and internet marketing education seminar that I attended in 2009.

I did not know that it would change my life and give it colors that I never knew existed, or give me opportunities for self-expression and advocacy in a niche that I was just getting really interested in at that time.

At first, I thought I would go into food and travel because like Anton’s OurAwesomePlanet, it was my passion.  I even asked hubby to buy me a camera to herald my entry into the blogosphere via a food and travel blog.

But I am glad I went down the path of learning about money and people and their money idiosyncracies (especially my own and my family’s).  It felt good to chronicle this journey and to look back and learn from it again.

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The Secret: Thank You

Climbing Up To the Skies

Climbing Up To the Skies

During my birthday last year, D gave me The Secret Gratitude Book.  It was beautiful, in aged brown, with scribblings dry-embossed on the front.  I ran my hand over the cover and read “Dank Je”… “Gracias”… and said to myself, thank you, these all means thank you.  I was intrigued.  Is The Secret thank you? Rhonda Byrnes in her introduction explained that yes, The Secret is gratitude, that the mere utterance of “thank you” would lead to unimaginable blessings.  I was surprised.

Thank you are the simplest of words, taken for granted, mostly un-uttered because it is unnecessary sometimes because people feel entitled to the deed, or the giver, almost always, has already walked away and it is only the wind that will catch the last strains of the words…  Personally, I would wait for its utterance, and I would expel bated breath when I hear it.  I did not know that, like me, the universe also expels bated breath when it hears it, except that the bated breath has with it the makings of a miracle.  Truly, there is something about expressing gratitude that finds favor with the air around all of us.

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