Do You Stick to the Path that You Know? (Second of 2 Parts)


A Celebration of Life

Life is a Celebration

You can read the first part here.

I am waxing nostalgic about some trainings and seminars I attended in the past. (some of them do that to you, you know)

A memorable one was the training I received for voice and dance (a scholarship) – it was through the generosity and kind-heartedness of Dong Alegre (of Miss Saigon fame).  In that “school”, I met many wonderful and talented people,  including two people whom I still consider my best friends, M and A.  The people in that school rose to great fame in theatre, both locally and internationally (and sometimes I catch myself wondering where I would be now if I had pursued that path).  I will always remember those years as one of the most exciting.

Then there are others I still want to experience:

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Win Tickets with the Business of Show Business

Love in the Key of R

I listen to the hum of the airconditioning as I sweep my eyes across the huge room.  I turn my eyes to the center, to the lights caressing the empty stage.  It is 3:00 p.m. and it is the calm before the storm.  I can hear a distant noise outside, slow and steady, punctuated by laughter and loud chatter.  They are coming.  The lights go out as the stage manager calls out: sound check is over.

The lights are on again, this time, on full blast, as if egged on by the screams of the crowd.  A clamor.  Music starts to float, and again, a roar, strong and sure.  One by one, the artists come out, each swaying to their inner tune, some great, some not so, all, somehow, adored.  A deafening clap at the end, as if the crowd could not get enough.

I thought I had forgotten this part of my life when I left show business for law school.

But I guess, an experience like that could never be forgotten, and somehow the mind, or the heart, looks for a similar uplifting.

And so we are producing a show with some of our like-minded friends.

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